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When Was the Wonder Created:
450 BC, Finished 456 BC

Who Discovered the Wonder:
1829 was the first archeological work done on the site

What is the Location of the Wonder:
In the ancient town of Olympia

Does The Wonder Still Exist?
No, it was distroyed in a fire in 462 AD

Does the Wonder Attract Tourism?
Yes, people still go and see the remainds of the ancient statue.

Who Made The Wonder?

Why Was the Wonder Made?
The temple of Zeus was designed by the architect Libon and was built around 450 BC. Under the growing power of ancient Greece, the simple Doric-style temple seemed too mundane, and modifications were needed. The solution: A majestic statue. The Athenian sculptor Phidias was assigned for the "sacred" task


Other Information:

In the 1950's an excavation uncovered the workshop of Phidias which was discovered beneath an early Christian Church. Archaeologists found sculptor's tools, a pit for casting bronze, clay moulds, modeling plaster and even a portion of one of the elephant's tusks which had supplied the ivory for the statue. Many of the clay moulds, which had been used to shape gold plates in the design. Today the stadium at the site of Olympia has been restored, little is left of the temple except for a few columns.


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