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When Was the Wonder Created:
Completed 350BC

Who Discovered the Wonder:
The location of the mausoleum has not been in question. As detailed below, the mausoleum was ransacked for building materials, but parts of the foundation and lower section remain standing. Since the nineteenth century, archeological excavations have been undertaken at the Mausoleum site and a section of the shorter side of the mausoleum has been reconstructed.

What is the Location of the Wonder:
City of Halicarnassus (today Bodrum), on the Aegean Sea in South West Turkey

Does The Wonder Still Exist?
The mausoleum stood tall and strong for 1600 years until an earthquake caused some damage to the roof and colonnade. In the 1400’s, Knight’s of St. John of Malta invaded the region and built a castle. They fortified the castle in 1494 using most of the Mausoleum stones in construction. Today the massive castle still stands in Bodrum and the polished stone and marble blocks from the mausoleum can be seen within.

Does the Wonder Attract Tourism?
Bodrum is now a major vacation destination. Its most popular attraction is not the Mausoleum at Halicarnnasus ruins, but rather the crusader castle that is partially made from the mausoleum ruins. Bodrum is also known for its large fleet of chartered wooden sail boats.

You can view some of the statues (and other items) that apparently were part of the tomb in the British Museum

Who Made The Wonder?
The mausoleum was conceived by King Maussollos' wife and sister. The mausoleum was completed in 350BC three years after the King's death and one year after his sister's.

Why Was the Wonder Made?
This wonder was constructed as a burial location for the King Maussollos. We get the term "mausoleum" from his name and burial.


Other Information:

Total height=45m, 20m stepped podium, 12m colonnade, 7m pyramid and 6m statue of a chariot atop the structure. The beauty of the structure is in the artwork that adorned various levels of the building. 10’s of statues of life size, under and over life size statues of people, lions, horses and other animals. The statues were carved by Bryaxis, Leochares, Scopas, and Timotheus, four Greek sculptors. This holds a special place because it was not dedicated to the Ancient Greek Gods.

Queen Artemisia died two years after her husband (and brother) King Mausolus. She was buried along side him in the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus.

No one knows what happened to the bodies of King Mausolus and his queen - and of the artistic treasures that were likely interred with them


Mausoleum of Halicarnassus Photo Gallery

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